Monday, May 16, 2022


This post should have an appropriate food picture for an illustration, but doesn't. Please use your imagination. Having a bite to eat makes one more human, and tolerant of others. Also far less likely to beat law office droogs who aren't wearing masks on the number 1 California bus to a bloody pulp with one's walking stick. Again, please use your imagination. There were nine of those dummies on the bus. Two of them got off at Clay and Jones. Without realizing their immense good fortune. While San Francisco's covid numbers are skyrocketing, they sat their pudgy white asses down after energetically sitting at their desks all day, without wearing facemasks, because they're special! Freezums! Any one of the masked people could have pummeled them good, so that even without masks they wouldn't be recognizable anymore, but they didn't. Please use your imagination.

[Went down to C'town around tea-time. Bought food, then had a pastry and a hot cup of milk tea. When I got on the bus later it was rush hour. Sadly, many of the other passengers were breathing. Someone should do something about that.]

You know, my stuffed turkey vulture often suggests that I whack random strangers over the head, so that I can harvest fatty inner thighs from their cadavers for his dinner.
It's an attractive idea. Extremely so.

Spongy Embarcadero high rise law office clerical dingoes. Nine of them. Eighteen fatty inner thighs. Freshly harvested. Not quite organic -- they're full of chemicals -- but if whacked and eaten, the world would be a better place.

Haven't done it yet.

This blogger is all about improving the world. It's a raison d'etre.
And a happy carrion-eater is a jolly good thing.
Please use your imagination.

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