Monday, May 02, 2022


A restaurant in Hong Kong that I feared might be on thin ice because of the pandemic appears to be surviving, thanks to loyal customers ordering delivery food. Which is good news. They've updated their webpage on deliveroo, so I'm presently looking at beautiful pictures of sheer scrumptiousness.

I am tasting it all vicariously.

Shanghai Wing Wah (Sze Chuen) Restaurant

Ground Floor, 15 Shung Yan Street, Kwun Tong.
[觀塘, 崇仁街 15號, 地下]

Unfortunately, where I work is outside of their delivery zone. Seeing as that does not extend as far as Northern California. The tung po pork or the pork chop dan dan noodles would be particularly nice. So would the mui choi kau yiuk. Here it is, one o'clock in the morning, and I'm salivating. Of course that's four in the afternoon in Kwun Tong, which would be a good time to start salivating..... the proper time to do so reaches it's apogee in the next two hours there, but really lasts all twenty four. With several peaks.

It's not that I'm hungry. I'm just salivating.

Fried noodles with porkchop.
豬扒粗炒 HK$105,00

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