Wednesday, April 12, 2023


A gentleman in New Jersey (the Florida of the North East) filmed himself pouring out and setting on fire hundreds of dollars of some damned decent whisky. Pauly Michaelis became peevish that Jack Daniels supports the gay community. The fun thing is that this was his own money going up in flames. Personally, I have no problem with stupid anti-woke dingbats in hickville spending lots of money and effectively pouring it down the drain.
In meaningless booze-fuelled protests.

The preciouses!

They should especially do it on Twitter. Elon Musk's vanity project.
Please put it on Twitter, Pauly Michaelis! Pretty please?
Do it for Donald and Tucker!

The poor little right wing butterfly got totally triggered. Alas. There is nothing else to do in Trailerparkistan than being outraged. All that precious whiskey which once he loved destroyed. Destroyed! Oh, the feels! Boo hoo!

Pauly Michaelis; a flaming idiot.


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Anonymous said...

Jack Daniels is gross though, filtered through burned maple charcoal for ‘mellowing’ the swill.

Nah. Give me a simple 12 yr Macallan, neat, and call it a day.

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