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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Quote from a conversation: "Why is it that only black people can use the 'N' word, but everybody can say 'Honky'? That's so unfair!"

Well, yeah. So?

"Hey Honky, nice station wagon!"

The reason is the history of the 'N' word. Which as an educated person you should already know. Honky just doesn't have the bite. But if you really have major problems with 'Honky', feel free to take back that word.
Use it. Make it your own. Enjoy the righteous feeling, dude.
In a different conversation someone said that only Dutch people can use the word 'kaaskop', no one else!

Which is because most people don't know it.

And can't pronounce it correctly.

I personally find the term 'randy old goat' extremely rude and hurtful, and will no longer tolerate anybody else using it.

I am a "hormonally vibrant American".

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