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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Wojohowitz complained that the food which detective Nick Yemana was cooking on a hot plate at his desk smelled like garbage.

Yemana objected that it had LOTS of GOOD stuff: fish heads, cabbage leaves, cucumber rinds, celery tops ..... (pregnant pause)
"...come to think of it, that IS garbage."

This was moments after he told Dietrich that he was born in Omaha.

I always thought that that scene was one of the best in the show, and wished that Yemana would have told Wojohowitz to go piss up a rope. When I saw it, in my first year of college, I had already been told by many real Americans that my food preferences were either sickening or downright horrifying, and that truly civilized people just didn't do such things.

This hurt, as I am a rather sensitive chap.

They can all go piss up a rope.

This is the country that invented the Dirty Dog, the Cheese-steak Sandwich, and both the Moscow Mule and the Long Island Ice Tea. Like everyone else, it has no business telling anyone what they should or shouldn't stick in their mouths.

And by the way: both Sriracha and mayonnaise are wonderful.

One cannot eat junk food without them.

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    I'll teach you a new word:

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