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Thursday, August 31, 2017


A friend, having read my threat to force sweet little women to EAT. THE. CAKE. advises that it is a splendid idea and encourages me to do so forthwith. And he wishes me godspeed doing so.

This came at the same time as he opined that pineapple had no business being in fried rice (a colleague of his pitched a monumental spoiled brat hissy when she could not get that) or on pizza, and I agreed, stating that adding pineapple was an unutterable perversion.
And sometimes I like perversion.

The last time I had Hawaiian pizza it was delicious.
Hit the spot, plus some. Boy howdy.
And yowza.

I had written: "my drang to force sweet pastries such as for instance Linzer Torte upon women has not diminished".

Let us then shortlist various cakes which are classics.


Sachertorte (薩赫蛋糕; a remarkable chocolate cake), Linzertorte (林茲蛋糕; shortcrust enveloping raspberry or apricot compote), Swedish Princess Cake (瑞典王妃蛋糕; a confection covered in a thick layer of green-coloured marzipan), Pineapple Upside Down Cake (倒扣菠蘿蛋糕; delicious white trash), Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte (黑森林蛋糕; "mmm, excellent"), Lemon Pound Cake (檸檬磅蛋糕; available at convenience stores and old-fashioned nineteen eighties style soup - salad - sandwich shops), the Gateau St. Honoré (聖奧諾雷蛋糕; a larger and probably typically North Beach version of the classic pastry, because excess is wonderful), Galuszka (匈牙利蛋糕), the Boston Creampie (波士頓派; layers filled with custard, glazed with chocolate), Dobostorte (多柏思蛋糕; sponge and buttercream layers, ground hazelnuts on the sides, caramel crust on top), and the infamous Smith Island Cake, which is basically an overly neurotic Yankee version of the Prinzregententorte (巴伐利亞區的攝政王蛋糕).

There is also Dundee Cake (鄧迪水果蛋糕), a well-known British tea-time confection decorated with almond pieces on top.

Unfortunately, most of these are quite unavailable at the coffee shops and bakeries I frequent. I shall have to search, and explore further.

When you think about it, a nice piece of cake is not only the surest way to cure existenzangst and weltschmerz, but ALSO a dynamite method of non-verbal communication. Cake says so much so utterly eloquently.

The world would be a better place if there were more.

Find someone nice, share cake.

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