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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Years ago we all became familiar with penguins. Penguin niblets, roast rump of penguin, herring stuffed penguin, crunchy penguin, and braised penguin with a zesty remoulade.
That is to say, we read about this, and were thrilled.
Bloom County excited our passion.
For penguins.

Personally, I think penguin seethed in its own fat, carnitas-style, might be edible. Which brings me to my subject: a lovely condiment made with Habaneros and red onions (cebolla morada).

Absolutely delicious.


Easy to make, all that is necessary being about ten Habanero chilies, one red onion, a cup of lemon juice and pinches of salt and sugar. Optionally, two or three Roma tomatoes (jitomate guaje). Slice the onion, mince the chilies. If using tomato, chop. Mix everything with the lemon juice.
Let it stand for several hours before using.

Great when glopped liberally on carnitas.

Notes from that evening:

"Pure unadulteredated evil. ten miutes of stuggleing the oruhspelss check. effing G, man efffereign g. Oh fudge. And ir shaoudl of knwon. Seee, we ra Yuavotexea moasns, rofugly speakinf,Hav\banare cheiese, which refees to the chile that is anatatatce to hte yucatan.
Habaneneresoso so So.?"

That meal was memorable, and so was an episode the next day.
This blogger is by no means a timid eater.
Nor always sensible.

This salsa can also be made using half vinegar and lemon juice, or the juice of a bitter orange (naranja agria). And a little more salt and sugar.

Amashito chiles can be included, chopped or roughly mashed.

I have no idea what I meant to say in my notes.

File under Pibil and Chontal.

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