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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Nap, followed by coffee. Probably not the best scheduling, as I have go to work tomorrow, but the apartment mate is occupying the kitchen (meaning my presence there is unwelcome), and even if I go to bed late tonight I should end up rested enough when I get up again in the morning.
When I shall have more coffee.

She is roasting a chicken. It smells delicious, so it's a good thing I already ate today, because it's for her boy friend and I shan't be having any.

In the television room her favourite show illuminating how tremendously repulsive some Caucasian females are is on the telly. She is not there,
but what she misses she will rewind and view. It's educational.

White woman on the Real Housewives of New York:
"With all this craziness, yoga is, like, a great calming force".

[Americans doing yoga, practicing taichi, or attempting to speak Dutch, are a perfect illustration of what is wrong with society. You are not impressing anyone. Please stop. And don't talk about it, because you really don't understand any of it, and you make other people cringe.]

"You have a very nasty side to you"

[You betcha. All of you are very nasty, as well as remarkably vacuous, vicious, and vulgar. Your lives have far less meaning than you think, and some of us wish you ill. Very great ill.]

Thank the lord for the lingerie advertisement that just came on. It gives me ideas, and it's a lovely distraction from the alcoholic she-wolves.

Women wearing bras are totally wonderful.
As are women not wearing bras.

Note: the title of this post is what one of them said.
I'll let you imagine the context yourself.
It's multi-applicable.

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