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Sunday, August 06, 2017


The political situation in the tea-growing region of Darjeeling (West Bengal) is looking grim, with strikes and violent protests seriously interfering with production of what appears to be the only crop worth harvesting.

Which, personally, affects me little.

The tea I drink is predominantly from China, and even among black teas there are a large number of splendid ones which come from there.
Plus there's Ceylon, and several areas of Java and Vietnam.
Kenya, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Really, I'm okay with chauvinistic Ghorka agitators pissing on their own shoes, economically speaking. Sure, for the Germans and the Japanese it may be a disaster, and the British will also dread the prospect of Darjeeling running out sometime later this year and remaining unavailable for a few years more, but in all honesty my piles don't bleed for them.
Or the separatist Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.

From China the following are well worth drinking: Keemun (祁門 'kei mun'), Yunnan Black Tea (雲南紅茶 'wan naam hung chaa') Lu An Red (六安紅茶 'lok on hung chaa'), Dian Hong (滇紅 'din hung'), Yingde Black Tea (英德紅茶 'ying dak hung chaa').

Darjeeling is sometimes called the 'champagne of teas'.

None of the tea I drink comes from Darjeeling.

So whatever, little bandy-legged dudes.

Riot all you want.

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