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Sunday, August 20, 2017


If you want to make a certain food universally beloved (within the cultural confines of these United States), you need the four sacred toppings:
cheese, bacon, pickled Jalapeño, and barbecue sauce.
It honestly doesn't matter what it is.
They are essential.

Consider adding them the next time you make a tuna casserole.

[For the foreign readers, tuna casserole consists of noodles, frozen peas, drained canned tuna, and condensed cream of mushroom soup, jumbled together in a baking dish, with potato chips and (often) supermarket grated cheese sprinkled over, and then baked at four hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes till the top is golden. It is traditional at Thanksgiving, and invented by the Canadians, who hate us.]

Boston Baked Beans? Rubbery clam chowder?
Anything that Americans cook, really.
Best Yankee pot roast ever!

Imagine, if you will, the very first time you prepare that dish you learned how to make in England while you were on vacation there, Chicken Tikka Masala, and you are unsure how your relatives will react. Do not worry! Just throw cheese, bacon, pickled Jalapeño, and barbecue sauce on the yellow-orange goo, and stick it briefly under the broiler.
They will assuredly love it.

Please note that before the influx of Mexicans, we used dill pickle chips instead of Jalapeño, but we've grown up now.

Last night for dinner I had half a Vietnamese sandwich, small bag of chips, and a serving of vanilla cheesecake icecream. Plus strong coffee.
That's ten of the five food groups right there.

We Americans are simple folk.

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