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Thursday, August 03, 2017


An Indian politician was so dismayed by the vegetarian-food-only farewell dinner he attended that he tweeted his gustatory despair. With which this blogger sympathizes. Because, truth be told, Indian non-veg food is very delicious! Sure, all the buggery Sanghis and Sainiks who have found Ram are veg-onlies and wish to impose their food fascism on every body else.
But everybody else disagrees.

"Veg only! Will go home & have fish curry."

-----Derek O’Brien, Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal, as quoted in the Indian Express

How very sad! Bengali food is superb. Most especially their fish curry. Looking at the array of grey and brown vegetable muck probably upset his stomach, as it would mine. I worked for several years part-time in an Indian restaurant, expressly for the food. Often there were weddings or social parties, at which the finest meaty dishes that could be provided were provided. Fish curries! Chicken curries! Lamb and goat curries! Even egg curries. Roast leg of lamb, mutton korma, chicken tikka on sizzling platters, and the queen of feastables, murgh makhni. And, sometimes, when a tourgroup came in, Bengali ilish, and zesty prawn curries.
Bhola vetki jhol, doi maach with mustard seeds.
And jira, methi, mori.

And everything with roti, achaar, fresh green mirch.

Pizza is also great with achaar and mirch.

Paneer and sausage pizza.

Not being a Veggie-weggie or a Bengali, but Gora to the max, I have a marked fondness for late night bacon curry with hari mirch.
But Bonglo fish curry is indeed top notch.
Worth going home for.

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