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Friday, August 04, 2017


Like many half-educated middle class mothers, I too believe everything celebrities say. Especially if what was said was said with conviction!
And teeth! Breasts! Blonde hair!

From Brainjet:

"I don't want my baby to get a vaccine because Jenny McCarthy's book says her son got Autism from the Thimerosal in his MMR vaccine."

-Jenny McCarthy is a one time Playboy model who wants to sell you her books.

-MMR is a live vaccine and does not contain Thimerosal.

-Thimerosal contains Ethylmercury, which clears from your body in about 10 days, unlike methylmercury which stays for months and actually causes damage.

-Measles killed 135,000 people in the world LAST YEAR.

-Autism has a strong genetic component. If one identical twin has it, there is a 75% chance the other will as well.

-Andrew Wakefield faked the research linking autism to MMR vaccine, lost his license to practice medicine, and made millions helping lawyers sue and selling books. He lives in a mansion in England.

[End cite]

SOURCE: Doctors Share Dumbfounding Moments.]

In all honesty, I did not have a clue who Jenny McCarthy was until fairly recently -- about four or five years ago -- or that she wrote books.
Which is when I started working in Marin.
That isn't coincidental.

I fondly imagine that what usually goes through Jenny McCarthy's head are scenes from Homestar Runner, with many mini luchadores. Because it's wondrous, and I cannot conceive of anything better for her brain to do.


Though Hugh Heffner (the former employer of Jenny McCarthy when she was naked) smokes a pipe and is male, in which we are alike, I stopped 'reading' his magazine after my teenage years. Nowadays the only thing we have in common is that I lurk around the house in a bathrobe.
Which, in fact, I am doing now.

His pipe tobacco of preference reputedly was Mixture 79.

Over the years I've smoked three bowls of that.

None of them were enjoyable.

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