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Tuesday, August 01, 2017


A few years ago I had discussions with medical men about my right leg, which gives me trouble. Recommendation A) "Oh it's probably Sciatica, you should quit smoking and change your life style, plus it's all in your head". Recommendation B) "An operation! Bad joints versus titanium! You'll be walking again within months! Half a year tops! A modern miracle!"
In both cases, X-rays and expensive tests are required.
Leading, inevitably, to more of the same.

[Errm, I walk now. Why would I want to not do so for six months?]

I have been told by people with little or no medical expertise that avoiding gluten, AND smoking pot, are the answer, and there have been helpful suggestions that becoming spiritual or vegetarian would clear up the problem in no time. Fergawdsakes try it! Try both!

There is a grey zone between deductible and extortable that many of us occupy in today's America. Trump, McConnell, Ryan, Priebus, Cruz, et autres bâtards maléfiques de ce type, would like to expand that area.

The bus ride back from work was dominated by the right leg.
Fortunately it is quiescent at the moment.


Pain in my leg does not affect my job performance or most interactions with society, but there may very well be a psychosomatic ("mental") component; I am more grouchy around idiots than I used to be, and there seem to be many more of those folks than ever before.

The leg flares up in their presence.
Especially when they speak.

One conversation that I was roped into yesterday shall serve to represent all of them. A person was speculating that her grandmother's life must have been really tough, what with half of her Facebook friends bellyaching about Germans, rain, and rationing, in England during the war, and everybody else talking about steak and sunshine in Southern California at that time. "People can be so insensitive!" She genuinely believed that her British grandma was on Facebook during the second World War.

Facebook must have been a horrible experience for English people while they were fighting the Europeans. No wonder they are angry.

Medical marijuana and avoiding gluten would have solved their all issues.
Becoming more spiritually woke and not eating meat too.
If only they had known.

My accent sounds sort of British to many Americans, and I am older than some folks. That probably gave her that train of thought. England, and antiquity. There were fewer vegetarians during those days.
Brexit, because those people dislike Europeans.
I am just guessing, as I cannot fathom it.
Nor do I really want to.

Many of my fellow human beings are complete dunderheads. No, this is not an epiphany, it is something I have always known. But I am more painfully aware of this than I used to be.

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  • At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "I am more grouchy around idiots than I used to be, and there seem to be many more of those folks than ever before."
    Why I don't believe in natural selection.


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