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Monday, June 12, 2017


There was a naked woman wandering around the Wailing Wall plaza in Jerusalem yesterday. Which disconcerted a number of people, especially Othodox Jews, because her arms and her ankles were showing.
As well as her knees. Actually, everything.
Very naked. Very female.

Perhaps more than just the Orthodox Jews were disconcerted; public nudity has a time and a place, and at the Wailing Wall is neither.

Had I been there, I would have averted my eyes and walked away. Far away. The civilized man should take steps to not be seen with such things, or in their company, and should always strive to be unassociatably distant.
No, I do not know her, please don't think I do, and I had nothing to do with her temporary bout of nature-girl-ism.

I also look away when someone shows too much cleavage or crackage.
Please, fee free to be an exhibitionist, but our social exchange will be necessarily brief. Maybe not at all.

It's not that I am easily repulsed, or prudish. Just that I am a modest man. And that requires giving other people the privacy they need, even when they don't believe they need any.

I like titty as much as anyone, but NOT in public.

There's a time and a place for that.

Nudity is great good fun. Exhibitionism less so.

If it isn't in private with someone agreeable with whom I would love to be seen in public when both of us are fully clothed, I want no part of it.
I'm rather particular that way. As well as inflexible.
Spontaneous, OR planned in advance.
Either one of those.


The other thing that I automatically think about is sunburn in places where there is never supposed to be any sunburn. Yesterday was a warm sunny day in Israel. All of this week consists of warm sunny days. And though I believe somebody covered her nakedness with a towel, she may have gotten a bit over-exposed anyway.

If I ever visit Jerusalem, I must remember to bring a towel.

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