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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Lunch, when I finally ate, was abysmally bad. Trust me, Americans know nix from bread. And this is the Bay Area, notabene, where edible bread can easily be found!

You know that shitty bread is probably the reason for Trump?
People who habitually eat that crap make poor choices.
I hope you're sorry. Besides really constipated.

What kind of life can you have if key members of your household are okay with mediocre comestibles, especially when good food is cheaper and better? Word of advice: NEVER marry someone with horrid taste.
If food is the glue that holds families together, American chow is what causes divorce, therapy, existenzangst, and unrest.

And you lot are worried about gluten.
Bunch of soft-in-the-heads!

A proper meal has something tasty and reasonably nutritious. Near work there's a McDonalds, a Seven Eleven, and an In-n-out Burger.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

Plus it's deep in Marin County, so decent Chinese, Indian, or Dutch food cannot be found without assiduous searching if at all.

I am very unhappy with you people.

You're precious.

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