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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The world has become a strange place. Underneath the calm placid exteriors of many people lurk the minds of madmen, which, if you but scratch their surfaces, come rupturing forth in foaming madness. Social media encourages this; just think of tweety retards with thousands of worshipful followers.
It's not just Gwyneth Paltrow and David Avocado Wolfe.
Full-blown batshit, with a herd of fans.
They know words.

A certifiable human being of my ken recently posted this on his page:

"I have friends, intelligent, well-educated people, who honestly believe that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee on him, and that this was recorded and is being used for blackmail against him by the Russian government. At the same time, these same people believe that his "pussy grabbing" statement, in all its glorious context, was a legally admissible admission of sexual assault.

These are not stupid people, nor are they poor people. I can only explain their cognitive dissonance as an actual poor person, sometimes stupid, who has at times had contact, for one reason or another, with the (as Kurt Vonnegut liked to call them) "fabulously well-to-do", and this is merely to assume that these friends of mine, gated communities, higher educations and all, have never actually met anyone truly filthy rich.

On the plus side of all of this, I am thoroughly chuffed that almost overnight, with no warning or explanation, it is now totally acceptable to say "pussy" in polite company, without even using air quotes. I hail this as a small step in the right direction."

Well, what can one say about that? He lives in Israel, and like many people there has a shit-eye view of the world. And he probably still believes that Barrack Obama was a Kenyan socialist hellbent on destroying Israel, whereas Donald is a friend, who will give Netanyahu everything.
AND move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Oh, and he's a fan of the Grateful Dead.

That last item is reprehensible.

Reactionary potheads!

Now, I know this man, and he's genuinely decent. But he grew up in the hills of Kentucky shooting possum, and since moving to Israel he's started reading Caroline buggery Glick. He just doesn't understand that the last decent prime minister was Ariel Sharon. Everybody since then has been very far south of the scum line, Bibi is the rock bottom of the iceberg.
And judging by his recent writing he's a fan of Alex Jones.
As well as the spew of Messianics.

It is never acceptable to say "p*ssy" in polite company.

If you think it is, you're hanging with the wrong crowd.

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