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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


A few days ago, residents of Hong Kong demonstrated against sharkfin at a local restaurant. This would not interest me, except that several signs were in English, and many of the participants were white and juvenile.

There is something smarmy and unbearably superior about little white kids and their parents marching in Hong Kong against local food.

Don't these imperialists have anything better to do?

Where are the water cannons?



No, it's not cute. Or good. A rancid bunch of pampered little shites telling the locals what they can eat never is.

Do you notice how many among that crowd are Caucasian? Far out of proportion to their miniscule percentage in the Hong Kong population.
Which sick entitled pricks thought this was a good idea?
Pissing on the locals is just rude.

It's typical of a certain class of middle class Caucasian that not only would they get their knickers in a bunch over what people they look down upon are doing, but they'd be so self-righteous that they would stage a happy little protest, complete with children acting precious and superior.
It's not too late to expel all of them.
Foreign twats.

For another example of dietary terrorism, see: Pub Owners Harassed.

If after reading that you feel like a nice bit of veal, or wish to viciously torment a Vegan, I really cannot blame you.

Veal, shark fin, and foie gras are delicious, by the way.
I know how to prepare all three.
Mmm, shark fin.

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