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Monday, June 19, 2017


It is only at my present age that I realize this: McVitie's Caramel Digestive Biscuits are not a proper substitute for dinner, and there is nothing digestive about them. Nor is there actually anybody named McVitie involved in their production, and the provenance is not Northern Irish, as so Ulsterian a surname as 'McVitie' might suggest.

There actually was someone named McVitie, at some point, who started manufacturing 'digestive biscuits' in Scotland over a century ago.
They are immensely popular in Great Britain.
Great with a cup of strong tea.

Which, of course, begs the question why Americans drink such horrid tea. What should be an invigorating beverage, almost universally is insipid shite.

Proper black tea is made by using one heaping teaspoonful per cup and one extra for the pot, with boiling water poured over. Four or five minutes steeping, and it's perfect. Milk and sugar to taste, or not. Your choice.
American tea is made by waving some herbal muck over a cup, dancing widdershins about an Indian graveyard or doing yoga, and drizzling lukewarm water into a styrofoam.

Widdershins and the padmasana are do not contribute to drinkable beverages, no matter how meaningful or significant they make you feel. Sorry. Good black tea is strong, weak baggy crap is not.
Herbal or fruit-flavoured tisanes don't count.

You lot, kindly stop being such sissies.

Also your bags are too small.

Mingy much?

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