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Thursday, June 08, 2017


Underneath her calm, almost placid, Cantonese good girl exterior, there's a beast. A wild animal. A teenager who has never grown up.
After reacting aghast to rich bitches on television drinking champagne in the back of a limousine -- "do wealthy people REALLY swill alcohol that EARLY in the day?!" -- she thought for a moment, then said: "when I get rich, I'm gonna have a rootbeer float and a big-ass sloppy chili dog, in the back of a Rolls".

This is a good thing. Although I will confess that I am myself not really familiar with "big-ass sloppy chili dog', seeing as I never fully adapted to American fatty snacks when I returned to the States as a young adult.
It sounds deliciously depraved, yet innocent.

"When I get rich, I'm gonna have a rootbeer float and a big-ass sloppy chili dog ... "

My idea of suitable junkfood for the back of a Rolls consists of a Dutch-style unidentified fried object, with mustard and sambal.
And a small side of fries with peanut-sauce.

As for the drink, I am not at all decided.

Sodas with or without ice-cream aren't a thing in my world, and Dutch people didn't drink at the junkfood emporium when I was younger.
Though they may have been drunk by the time they got there.

I thoroughly appreciate an apartment mate who never touches liquor, and does not hang around with booze-hounds.

I myself disapprove somewhat of intoxicants before dinner time. In which concept (dinner time) we can also include the cocktail hour, assuming that there is a spot of cheese. The pre-dinner glass of wine may overlap the during-dinner glasses of wine, or, if it is a festive social occasion one has been pressured to attend, some modest Scotch and water.

Abstemiousness, but in moderation.

I do indeed drink at times.

Not during the day.

Champagne in the back of a limo seems so decadent and weak-willed, especially during normal hours and when there is no reason for bubbly.
Self-indulgent, and rather trashy.

Okay, as regards drinking I am a puritan. Not when it comes to tobacco or food, or nice long baths, good heavens no, but definitely booze.

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