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Friday, June 30, 2017


Apropos of nothing, a charming and rather large woman yesterday told me that I was "cute". This was at the local Karaoke bar (to which I planned to go on Wednesday evening, but I went to bed instead).
I am not sure how I feel about that.

Well, flattered, sort of.

Especially as she was vibrant, and significantly younger.

I realize that lighting, time and place, and liquor may have been factors.

Size-wise, there was a significant discrepancy; possibly that's relevant.
She wasn't overweight, just big boned and taller than me. Statuesque is the word. And while the word "cute" could also mean fuzzy and playful, like a kitten or an otter, I doubt that that was the slant she was giving it.
She undoubtedly took the grey whiskers into account.
Clearly recognizing that I wasn't a child.

She didn't need glasses. I saw proof that both her distance vision and her near-vision were fully functional.

Nor was there any reason to doubt her sanity, at least as far as anything else is concerned.

I am not able to think of myself as an otter or a kitten.
Things do not quite compute.

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