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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Never answer the phone when you've only had four and a half hours of sleep. By which is really meant, given that under almost all circumstances the phone won't ring until a decent hour because no one wants a grumpy puss snarling at them, never allow yourself to be without a decent amount of sleep at a reasonable time.

I went to bed at around five. Got up briefly at seven to write something fishy before I forgot, then went back to bed.

The phone rang at nine thirty. The boss-lady apologized, the person who was scheduled to come in today was sick, could I please work half a day? The reason that she asked was that herself and her husband had appointments that were set in stone.

My co-worker NEVER calls in sick. Either he's in love, or at death's door.
So yes.

Two cups of coffee, bathroom, out of the house. Caught ride to work. Clocked in, fixed tea, ate a cookie.

Filled a pipe with Samuel Gawith Saint James Flake and lit it.

Checked in a massive order of cheroots. Two more cookies, another cup of tea, and some candy. A small cigarillo.

Bus back to the city, had a cup of coffee at home, went to the AA Bakery ((永興餅家茶餐廳) for a very late tea-time, arriving at just before six.

Charsiu sou (叉燒酥) and naai cha (奶茶).
Dawdled half an hour.

Smoked a full bowl of Greg Pease's Regents Flake in Chinatown while stumbling around in a haze afterwards. There are far too many tourists.
They wander in traffic, and are all stupid and ugly.

Home. Vietnamese Sandwich.


So the day has basically been coffee, tea, smoke, coffee, tea, smoke, and repeat. Which means I am presently wired to the tits, and planning to go have a drinky poo before I crash.

Best part was probably the little girl on the bus with the sunny personality, yet well-behaved manners. She sang 'The Wheels on the Bus' softly to herself while her mom and grannie talked in Cantonese.
Truly, a charming little moppet.

Not just a warm beautiful smile, but beautiful facial expressions reflecting an active mind and stable emotions. My guess is that she learned that from the other two women.

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