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Sunday, June 11, 2017


This blogger doesn' not know what he would do if a young woman -- let us say a personable college graduate in her mid to late twenties -- were to come up to him and out of the blue give him a warm hug.
He'd probably exclaim "errp".
And start a bit.

In the real world, meaning most emphatically NOT the check out line at Walgreens, such things do not happen. And in the check out line they only happen in temporary fantasies, while speculating about the next available cashier. Who is probably already in a relationship with someone, perhaps a hipster with multiple piercings and bad boy tattoos. See, that's the problem with most chance-met female acquaintance: the actual face time is so short, and they're already mixed up with frightful company and in shallow relationships with other unsuitable types.

There are one or two Walgreens women who think I'm the bees knees.
They are both old enough to be a future girlfriend's mother.

See, I told you I was unsuitable.

If you knew me that is the one thing which you would find glaringly obvious. It's a life-style I mastered over many years.

Among my less than fabulous skill sets are taking long hot baths, dozing with stuffed animals under a fluffy down comforter, appreciating fine pipe tobacco and cups of Hong Kong style milk tea, ordering in Chinese restaurants, and disturbing other people's parents.

Especially the parent thing.

Bring me home, and they'll wonder what they did wrong.
That alone should make it all worthwhile.
You can't buy that kind effect.


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