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Sunday, June 04, 2017


I am beginning to hate seeing the usual stupid messages from Israelis after terrorist attacks in Europe that basically say "now you know how we feel".
Gentlemen, kindly stop doing that. Your e-mail/facebook post/blog article is tasteless, irrelevant, stupid, and insensitive.
Besides being immaterial.

Whenever you do that, you look like a bunch of dicks.

And stuff like that, for equally ridiculous and irrelevant reasons, makes me want to bring up the King David Hotel, as well as sergeants Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice.

You know that was fucking barbaric, right? As was your treatment of the bodies, and how y'all booby-trapped the trees from which you dangled them afterwards?

Menachem Begin should have been tried for war crimes.

Yeah, all terrorism everywhere is exactly equivalent. And everything serves to remind everyone all the time of the situation that Israelis experience everyday. Because everything is always about Israel, isn't it?

Please shut up, Israelis. This isn't about you.


Neither was what happened in Portland last week, and I notice y'all didn't make any of the usual stupid comparisons. Why not? Couldn't find the rhetorical rubber and guts? Too much of a stretch?

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