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Friday, June 09, 2017


In what should come as a surprise to no one, the party with the most hosetards won big in London, whereas the splitters carried the countryside.
And, remarkably, the Shankhill Road mafia (DUP) gets a decisive voice.
Once again we Americans are not the stupidest voters in the English-speaking world.

The glorious bright spot is that George Galloway got his donkey handed to him on a platter in Manchester Gorton, where, as was to be expected, smarty-pants legal-wallah mr. Afzal Khan carried.

Galloway thinking he was fit to represent anything in Manchester was of course sheer political opportunism. Can we now please look forward to that tosser fading into obscurity?

One can only hope so.

Unfortunately Afzal Khan represents Labour, which is basically Hamas in white-face. So the election was altogether a disaster, as they now still represent most urban areas, whereas the Conservatives - a bunch of bitter whinging wreckers who hate everybody -- pulled the rural chav vote out of their pale wrinkled behinds and have remained the biggest party.

So there you have it. Much of Britain voted for Spam Vindaloo, the country side is still doing bangers and mash (and frying-up last night's chicken tika leftovers, probably with drippings), a few barmy prats in the outlying regions are going with neeps, tatties, and sliced haggis from the last Bobby Burns night, Ulster is torn between the usual rancid grease fry-ups, and in Wales there was apathetic support for leeks with a side of soggy oatmeal.

They are more barmy than we are; they've proven it.
Basically trailertrash with accents.
A bunch of muppets.

The only tea worth drinking is still Yorkshire Tea, though.
So some things are mercifully constant.
Twinings is crap.

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  • At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This article by Simon Jenkins sums it up for me.

    "The new Tory “bastards”. Never take the electors for granted. Never believe what they tell pollsters. They have left Theresa May’s government clinging to office, devastated and in disarray. They have left Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour opposition defeated yet cock-a-hoop. Scottish nationalism has been dealt a blow. The Liberal Democrats have failed to recover. Ukip has been demolished. Most alarming, de facto power has been handed to a small band of Ulster fundamentalists. It is hard to recall a more chaotic election result in recent British history."



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