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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Pursuant a very recent post in which I lovingly mentioned salt fish, the dish labelled on the menu as 魚片鹹魚炒米粉 ('yü pin haam yü chaau mai fan') naturally caught my eye. Both of my eyes.
It was delicious!

Fish pieces (and) salt fish stir-fried (thin) rice noodle.

The waitress was a little surprised that I ate all of it.

I believe they also have sweet 'n sour pork, if any one wants to join me next time. This blogger is not at all averse to company. And I've shared possibly worse things. Raw delivery pizza that was stale by the time it got to the office party. Which many of my coworkers just loved, oh wow, because hey man free lunch!

Yes, I worked with a lot of Scotsmen. How did you know?

Actually, they could have been Scots

In any case, my point is that I will put up with a fair amount of culinary haphazardness if the company is enjoyable, and shall even relish sharing whatever it is that the other person insists on ordering, provided that they also try some of the actual food which I decided to get.
I've even eaten Vegan stuff!

On second thought, please keep the sweet 'n sour pork.
You can have all of it, I'm really not that hungry.

No more Vegan muck, no spiritual stuff.
Pretend we don't know each other.

I'l just sit here quietly enjoying my savoury fishy rice threads, with scallion pieces, crunchy sweet beansprouts, bits of fried egg, and hot sauce.
Nom nom nom.
A cup of milk-tea afterwards while replaying the deliciousness.
Plus a pipe and a walk to park to follow.

If you think about it, very British.

Like kedgeree, rather.

I say, what.

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