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Monday, June 05, 2017


The headsheep is none too bright. Last night he managed to upset several of the roomies -- not as bad as our stupid butt-hurt president getting petulant that the attack in London took the attention away from him -- but in his own way he's fairly idiotic. He inadvertently said bad things about the Roomie in Chief, ms. Bruin.

Whatever you do, don't do that. Respect the bear.
She's doing a great job. It's huge.
And that reminds me .....

All of you morons should have voted for the teddy bear, instead of the neon-orange clod. And you Israelis, with your Jerusalem Post opinions, should have kindly kept your mouths shut. You weren't helping.

Fortunately, the headsheep does not have a twitter account, and despite always throwing his chest out none of the press pay any attention, so whether or not he covfefed is immaterial.

Sean "Puffy" Spicer does not have to bluster a response, or exercise his considerable talent for sounding stupid. Kellyanne Conway doesn't have to alien-predator-like flash her teeth. General McMaster, Rex Tillerson, and Ivanka don't have to bury their faces in their elfin hands sadly muttering something unintelligible about the medication not being strong enough.
Wet trembling hands, scrunched-up faces.

The headsheep is only a few inches tall. He does not have much clout. He's not a vicious troll, and he wasn't bought by Sheldon Adelson.
He has not pissed off that sow Caroline Glick yet.

The real powerholder is the ursine.
Keep your eyes on the bear.

You know, you guys are really hosed. You've got three deranged pit-vipers to whack before Orrin Hatch becomes your leader. The line of succession in this household, should anything ever happen to the Senior Teddy Bear, heaven forbid, is nothing but good folks from the top on down. The pretty little she-sheep ably assisted by her spider boy friend, fuchsia cat and one-legged monkey, triumvirate of kitten - raccoon -- hippo, and so on.
The headsheep isn't even on the list.

Y'all must have been a bunch of right bastards in a previous life.
Bad karma is a bitch, babies.

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