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Thursday, June 01, 2017


MacDonalds and Uber-eats in Amsterdam plan to collaborate on home deliveries in a test area of the Netherlands, whisking eaties to your door. You'll no longer have to leave your couch for fried grease pudding!

[SOURCE: McDonald's start proef met thuisbezorging.]


Soon Dutch people will be fatter than Americans.

I'm not so sure that's a good idea. The Dutch are already the tallest in Europe. If the prospect of enormous blond slugs waddling across the continent doesn't give you the willies, it should.
Or scooting. In plus-size little rascals

Maybe you thought scrawny Africans crossing the Mediterranean were an invasion, but just wait for the plus-sized Dutch.

Of course, in the United States that simply might mean many more people at Walmart. Or more who are 'much more'. Ramps, turning lanes, pre-stressed concrete, powering stations. Emergency rooms with cranes and fork-lifts.
Plus deeper ball pits in the children's area, with behemoths cruising just beneath the surface.

It's our brave new world.

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