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Thursday, June 22, 2017


After a scant half hour of Facebook, this blogger feels that any shooting of appointed or elected Republicans is more than justified. As well as the savage clubbing of much of the electorate and many police officers. And, if you have been following the news instead of Alex Jones, so do you.

Thanks to the Second Amendment, this isn't so unreal.

Or even unlikely. Plus many of them are very recognizable, and pudgy, so they would make easy targets. But if you do, please don't shoot them in the ass, like James Hodgkinson did to Steve Scalise. That's NOT where their brain is located, no matter what you heard. It's actually in their thorax, behind a tough layer of chitin. Aim for the pterothoracic zone.
Don't worry, most of them don't have nociceptors.
They won't feel a thing.

Seriously, there aren't enough kitten videos or cute pet tricks on Facebook.

The only other mindless entertainment the internet provides is either sports or pornography, and both of those are jejune and require scorekeeping.

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