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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Some dingus found this page by searching for "pipe smoking sex ladies". Which is a somewhat unusual request. The post he found (naturally assuming it is a 'he') had absolutely nothing to do with sex.

This blogger encourages women to smoke pipes.

The pipe should be reasonably good briar, of fairly normal dimensions and a conservative design. The tobaccos that I recommend are standard English ("Balkan") with a fair amount of Latakia, OR Virginia mixtures, with or without Perique. No aromatics.

Most of what estimable brands such as Rattrays or Dunhill produce are excellent choices for women. Greg Pease's tobaccos are also splendid, but as he is more of a niche, tins might be harder to come by. The same stores that stock Pease also carry Samuel Gawith products, several of which are also very nice.

Aromatics, most of which are horrid fruity concoctions smoked by tattooed degenerates, crotchety old farts who never learned better, and childish people of undeveloped tastes, are far better entirely avoided.
Room note in an age when you cannot smoke around other people is no longer relevant, except insofar as a pipe which has not been cleaned in a while may pong a bit.

You will probably wish to be a bit discreet about enjoying a pipe, though, because most people are conditioned to freak the hell out when women do certain things. Which can be annoying after a while.

All of this also goes for juveniles who "borrow" their dad's or an uncle's old pipes, with the further cautionary note that good clean unfruited-up tobacco smoked calmly and evenly is far less likely to bugger up the old man's pipes and lead to discovery. Also be advised that you cannot buy tobacco online if you are not yet twenty one years of age, and in many states you cannot even walk into a tobacconist yet.

You can do all of your research on line, though.

Here are some links to get you started:

The Briar Files

Cornell & Diehl


Firecured - all things Tobacco


PFEIFE-TABAK (in German)

Pipeculture (in German)

Pulvers' Briar (Sherlock's Haven)

Reborn Pipes

Tobacco Reviews dot com

Of these, Dutch Pipe Smoker and Pfeife Tabak are great reads, Tobacco Reviews is the go-to site to find out more about blends and whether you might want to try something new (or not), and Pulvers' Briar is always worth visiting for a look at quality briar and as source for second handers.
Marty Pulvers is a grand old man of the pipe business, informative and knowledgeable, and the most honest merchant you will ever know.

If you are still legally a juvenile, you should probably have an adult relative be your intermediary for all transactions.
Perhaps your aunt.

I am not her.



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  • At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Arno said…

    Thank you for mentioning me Atboth! I am not worthy! I am not worthy! ;)

    p.s. Ik schaam me diep maar ik heb je blog al een hele tijd niet gelezen.. Hopelijk gaat het goed met je!

  • At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Lurker said…

    Hey Atboth,

    I've been following this blog a bit recently, and this post reminded me of a thing that a dear friend of mine wrote about her life. I'd really like to hear what your opinion is of the story -- if you could feature it in a post, and write a response piece about it, that would be really neat and really interesting, a great post. And I'll tell my friend who wrote it.


    gf of smoking fetish bf
    I smoke and always have since i was 14 off and on. I met my boyfriend less than two years ago. i was unaware of his smoking fetish. I smoked nearly a packa day everyday unaware he absolutely loved it. we got more serious. soon we moved in together. i slowed down my smoking a little. he actually told me to. he told me he really liked smoking and that it actually turned him on. but he was concerned for my health. i didnt really understand at first until he asked me to smoke during sex.

    well then we got pregnant. i quit smoking. he started having no interest in me. at all. all thru my pregnancy he didnt hardly touch me but was watching videos online of other women smoking. no nudity no sex just fully clothed ladies smoking. it upset me and i let him know too. he stopped except when i was gone but he stopped doing it while i was home like in the shower or asleep. and he was honest with me about it too.

    i watched the videos he was watching. just wondering exactly what he liked. after the baby was born he was in the hospital for 3 weeks. i started smoking again. of course i dont smoke around the baby and i change my shirt and wash my hands after i smoke. just to clear that up. but i started smoking again. and he was all over me. but of course we had to wait i just had a baby. so in the meantime i got a video camera. easy. i made sexy videos of me smoking just copied the girls in the videos. i know what he likes he even requests things for me to do in the videos.

    so can i really get mad if my guy is feeling lazy one day and while im in the shower instead of having sex with me he masturbates in the bedroom to one of many videos ive made him now? no way its sexy that watching me smoke can turn him on like that.

    so what i can suggest to you girls who has a guy that likes that. is inhale deeply, enjoy it smile and exhale slowly and catch it on tape. for the first 3 weeks after my baby was born i was videotaping every cigarette i smoked. never know when the lighting is going to be good and the wind is going to blow everything around.

    so my advice is to make a youtube channel post some videos make them private to only your guy. that way as women we know how often they watch them. they can comment on them. and if you ever break up you can take em away so they cant watch em anymore.

    whew. ok. i hope this helps.


    (On this webpage.)

  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    The comment above is very strange.

    I do not encourage smoking fetishes. Or really any fetishes.

    I would rather not know about such things.


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