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Monday, March 06, 2017


Really, what could be better for breakfast than 叉燒包 heated up in the microwave? The baked ones are the approximate dimension of breasts, and unlike steamed buns they are lighter, airier, and a darn sight sexier.
There were two of them, a perfect pair. Also like breasts!
They are gone, but their memory lingers.
A perfect quick nibble.

Charsiu bao (叉燒包) come in two varieties, the regular steamed ones, and smaller sweeter baked ones. The later are sometimes called 叉燒餐包 ('cha siu chaan baau'), 烤叉燒包 ('haau cha siu baau'), or 焗嘅叉燒包 ('guk ge cha siu baau'). They are very widely available here in San Francisco, particularly where hard working folk need a quick bite to eat while running from the office bitch in charge of their life (lunch).

In actual fact they are a perfect way to start the day.
Far better than pan-fried muck and cereal.
And great with hot sauce.

I bought some in Chinatown while shopping, and intended to share them with my apartment mate, but it turns out I ate them all myself.
Maybe I will buy more tomorrow.

Shan't mention the similarity to breasts. She already thinks of me as somewhat pervy, don't want to give her any more evidence.

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