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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Our fearless leader the soft orange potato is not the only "politician" who makes himself ridiculous by twittering. In Holland, Socialist member of parliament and apologist for homicidal regimes everywhere Harry van Bommel also does so.

Recently he tweeted something stupendously inane, typical of privileged middle-class bourgeois pretendeurs and parasites, and almost Marin County esque in its utter lack of insight or depth.

Harry van Bommel:
"Vandaag ben ik 10 minuten opgesloten in een caravan om te beleven wat slachtoffers van mensenhandel voelen."

Translation: 'Today I spent ten minutes locked in a camper (in order) to experience what victims of human trafficking must feel.'

[SOURCE: Bommelsche Oeterij - De Telegraaf.]

The response to that was ... predictable.

Lammert De Bruin:
"Vandaag heb ik 10 minuten niet gegeten om te voelen wat slachtoffers van hongersnood voelen."

Translation: 'Today I did not eat for ten minutes to experience what victims of starvation feel.'

Cas Mudde:
"Vandaag heb ik 10 minuten naar Metallica geluisterd om te beleven wat gevangen op Guantanamo voelen."

Translation: 'Today I listened to Metallica for ten minutes to experience what prisoners in Guantanamo feel.'

Metallica? Dang you know how to suffer!
Van Bommel must be envious!

There were others.

Niels Kalkman:
"Vandaag ben ik tien minuten naar het strand gegaan om te beleven wat bootvluchteling voelen."

Translation: 'Today I went to the beach for ten minutes to experience what boat refugees feel.'

Saفa R. de Vries:
"Vandaag heb ik tien minuten op een bankje in een parkje (in het zonnetje) gezeten om te beleven hoe het is om dakloos te zijn."

Translation: 'Today I sat on a bench in the park (in the sun) to experience what it's like to be homeless.'


The winner is Tips, who wrote:
"Vandaag heb ik tien minuten met m'n hoofd tegen een muur staan bonken om te beleven hoe Harry van Bommel zich nu voelt."

Translation: 'Today I spent ten minutes banging my head against a wall to experience how Harry van Bommel feels right now.'

If Dutch parliamentarian and baby-faced radical patsy Harry van Bommel really wants to experience what it's like to be a victim of human trafficking, he should try tromping through the Sonoran desert for several days, evading the Border Patrol and psychotic rightwing militia racists.
Followed by being brutalized in a safe house.
Then buried in a landfill.

Harry van Bommel truly is the paradigm of shmuck.

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