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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Sofar this morning I have enjoyed my day off by visiting several news sites, twiddling my toes, answering a question underneath a recent blog post, and commenting on Facebook. The Dutch news sites today were particularly rewarding: a huge yellow dildo statue has been removed from a school playground, as it was deemed unsuitable for the kiddiewinkies, Turkish rioters are being asked to turn their scummy asses in, or otherwise the Rotterdam Police will post their faces on the internet, somebody is outraged that a Canadian rapper didn't show for a performance for which she paid three hundred Euro, and Dijselbloem may be forced to resign.

[Jeroen Dijselbloem famously pissed-off the snowflakes by saying "the north of the eurozone showed solidarity ... Solidarity is very important but those demanding it have duties too. 
I can't spend my money on booze and women then ask for help". 
Which offended the snowflakes, boo hoo.]

And Chinese folks in Paris are throwing Molotov cocktails because the Paris Police, well-know for sodomizing young black men with blunt objects down at the station, this time panicked and killed a fifty six year old father of five preparing a seafood dinner. The French don't believe anyone else can cook, so consider it both an honest mistake and justified because the victim was holding a sharp object. The Chinese community is upset at the police version of events. As is, quite rightly, the Chinese government.

The man was preparing a fish. That alone lends credence to the family's version of events, as far as I'm concerned, because normal people often use scissors when preparing seafood, and Chinese people are passionate about such things. Maybe not the French. And given that the police in France as elsewhere standardly lie about their interactions with the public, especially if the public is a member of a minority ("surely no one can really 'believe' this wogga-wogga shouting savage?!?"), the family is more trustworthy.

The French police claim they were responding to "a domestic disturbance".

Have you ever heard Cantonese peasants conversatiating?

Zest for life, at top volume.

Ab initio I distrust the French police -- almost all Eury police, in fact -- and I am far more sympathetic to Chinese people. In all honesty I am probably biased. The only French speakers I have ever met with whom interaction has been enjoyable were Belgians or North Africans.

Belgians, North Africans.

There were at least two policemen, with fire arms and bullet-proof vests.
There was one middle-aged dude with a pair of scissors, and a fish.
Who came to the door of his dwelling.

It will be interesting to see what further developments there are in this case.

Soy sauce and chenkiang vinegar are unknown in the French Kitchen.

Probably considered offensive, and dangerous too.

The French invented Mayonnaise.

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  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger von Eulenburg said…

    Belgians? Seriously? I'll admit to a certain rudimentary sense of humor, but I'll pit him against a Bruton or Corsican any day.

  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    You dare to sniff at Hercule Poirot, m'sieur?!?

    Remember, Simenon was Belgian too. As was Tin Tin.

    Stalwart people.

  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    As was the stellar genius Andreas Vesalius. But it is doubtful that he spoke French.


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