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Thursday, March 16, 2017


In September of 2012, after the so-manieth time that paranoid anti-Obama crap had been forwarded to a political mailing list, I de-subscribed. Life is too short to see red every time the loonies send vicious partisan agit-prop or spew venomously insane far-right rhetoric. I also e-mail blocked several people, and de-subscribed from three other mailing lists.

[If Obama is going to take away your weapons, enact Sharia Law, and destroy Israel, he'd better look snappy about it. It's a bit late now, so those tasks will necessarily fall to Trump ("the Messiah"), Pence ("the Silent Weasel"), Spicer ("the Sphincter"), and Kellyanne Conway ("the Mouth of Sauron"), plus Jared and Ivanaka Kushner ("Complicit #1" and "Complicit #2").
I'm sure they're up to the task; they've already made a good start on the Death Panels.]

I got tired of the many folks who could scarcely keep their rabid gunnuttery and ignorance in check. Or their psychoses and xenophobia.

They were odious, they are irrelevant.

Since then, I have progressively pruned all the rightwingers and loonies out of my contact folder and Facebook account, stopped communicating with people who read Caroline Glick (well, most of them), disassociated myself even more from certain people and certain groups, and no longer pay attention to what remains of our movement in the Bay Area.
Little left but nuts and Christians.

[If you care at all about the future of Zionism, you will reject Trump and Wilders.]

Oh, and I've written off Berkeley.
It's a surreal hell hole.
Fuck them.

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