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Thursday, March 09, 2017


Given a choice between watching truly horrible women being themselves on the boob tube, and seeing Brett and Caitlin discreetly suck face in a dark karaoke bar, what would you rather do? Especially if I told you that while Brett and Caitlin are both rather chunky, they both seem bright and nice? No, I don't know them. Haven't even been formally introduced.
But I sat within hearing distance, and they were within view.

They kissed several times. More than exploratory pecking, but less than full throttle French. Ah, young love. Or lust. Either works.

It was Caitlin's first time drinking Fernet Branca. All the kitchen people she knows talk about the stuff, so she was keen to try it. No, she didn't like the taste. Fernet Branca is a bitter mildly alcoholic digestif containing rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, galangal, gentian, and elder. In San Francisco it is probably more popular than Bourbon Whiskey.

She rinsed her mouth out with water before kissing Brett once more.

She has a beautiful face. Intelligent eyes.

The truly horrible women ("carnivorous blondes") were Hollywood slags in something my apartment mate was watching. America's fascination with rich bitches behaving badly is inexplicable.

In the case of my apartment mate, it's because it gives her insight into the thought processes of white women, with whom she rather seldom comes in contact, as she does not seek out their company, and is surrounded by crazy Filippinas and neurotic Chinese American women at work.

White women are a mystery. She's Chinese American.

Though there are several women among my relatives, and we are all as white as can be, my kinfolk are non-standard and far away.
Nor am I a good guide to the ways of white women.
My last girlfriend was a Chinese American.
Let us not mention priors.

Even nowadays I am a bad source of information about women, because I haven't dated in several years, and haven't pursued likely young gazelles.
I should watch the television show about the Hollywood slags for pointers, but they are just so repellent that I would far rather not.

I can describe women, as I see a number of them every day, and I can identify the type. But my best relationships are probably with felines.

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