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Saturday, March 11, 2017


Words are often the most important aspect. Consider these two phrases: "the warm silken skin-feel of that sweet young thing", versus "the abundantly textured dermis of the clammy old fossil". The youthful person of a sex not specified is vibrant and velvety. The elderly individual, of whichever gender, sounds like a ripe old pervert.

This came to mind while watching a movie in which a mere whisp of a girl accompanied a hardened old murderer into the wilds of Corsica. Why were the roles not reversed? A shy and ineffective lad and an antiquated peasant crone? Or even two rugged gay guys? An Axe commercial?

In either case, pimples and moisture versus liver spots and dry rot.

The peculiar thing about that movie was that he knew her shoe size.
As a plot twist, that's just berserk.

A man who knows her foot that well is either married or a stalker.
Or, save us, a foot fetishist.

I do not know enough about feet to fetishize them.

There are gaps in my education.

Why Corsica?

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