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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The little girl held the hand of her grandpa, and together they walked at a slow pace down the street. He seemed like a contented old fellow, and she looked ever so cute in her pretty frock. Little girls, when they are not doing what they have been taught is cute and lovable by their relatives, can be extraordinarily cute. Or at least neat and totally cool.
There should be more of those.

Not wanting to pass them on the narrow sidewalk I slowed my own pace, arriving at the restaurant a little later than I intended. I had been quite depressed earlier, but the old man and his granddaughter, followed by a serving of scrumptious roast duck, did much to cheer me up. Though it took a while for the upping of the blood sugar level to take effect.

Little girls often make grouchy old badgers smile, but almost nothing in the world beats siu mei meat.

Mmmm, roast duck!

Juicy, fragrant, tender, rich ..... Plus tea, lo fo tong, and rice. The place has windows, one can observe passersby, and if one picks one's table wisely there is a view of other diners, happily chowing down on roast meat. Or Singapore Noodles, such as the middle-aged Filipina, wonton and charsiu in soup for the man one table over, and so much food that they needed boxes and two bags in the case of the mother and her adult daughter.
I did not scope out what the black tourists were having.
They seemed happy, and dawdled after.
A dignified elderly couple.
With a map.


The chopping block chef behind the counter asked a young mother what else she wanted, addressing her as 'leng nui' (靚女). Her little daughters looked at the hanging slab of siu yiuk with bright enthusiastic eyes, and both their mother and the cook clearly noticed their interest. Five dollars worth of siu yiuk please, in addition to the white poached chicken.
Personally, I would have suggested roast duck.
But the Chinese are pork fiends.
It's an obsession.

Siu mei means happiness.

I felt much better after eating.

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