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Monday, March 06, 2017


Fishballs, yellow curry paste, slivered green bell pepper, chopped bacon, celery, onion, ginger, hot chilies, and noodles. No, I do not know what brand the fishballs were, but the noodles were "nourish life". From an estimable manufactury somewhere in Toishan, Canton.
養生麵 -- "nutritional noodle".

It was a great dinner.

See, I've eaten convenient stuff while at work these past few days, so there was reason to rebel against the suburban sandwich muck of Marin.

This is what rebellion looks like: 黃咖哩魚圓麵 
['wong gaa lei yü yuen min']

Imagine a picture here of a large bowl with brilliant yellow broth, creamy looking wheat noodles flecked with spice, green brushstrokes, and pearly balls of fishy goodness. The bacon was just to grease the pan, though it marvelously added flavour. The hot chilies were dry and red.
It looked beautiful, and it tasted beautiful.

I don't use a cell phone, so there is no food porn here.
But you should just imagine it yourself.
A mental photo.

The inner man is splendidly nourished.

The fishball-fed inner man will go trundling off to Chinatown tomorrow on his day off, to have somesnackipoos and milk tea, smoke a pipe or two, browse a bit, and get his sanity back.

Wednesday is also a day off. And it likewise will involve Chinatown, nibbles, tea, and tobacco. But I should be much saner then.

No howling at the moon this time.

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