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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


The number of women in the place was greater than the number of men until he came in. So naturally I stared at him with a fixed and gimlet eye.
He may have wondered about that. If he ever noticed.

Like many people in San Francisco his world within and his world without had melded seamlessly, though unsuited at either extreme.
He talked to the pastries behind glass.

And they responded.

Finally he decided which ones to have, and made strange arrythmic dance moves while eating them, over a ten minute plus interval.

I commend the staff for not reacting in any way to his eccentricity and treating him as a normal human being. Or at least a normal Caucasian.
They've probably been exposed to enough unbalanced white people that they assume many of us are that way.

The reason I looked resolutely in his direction is because I had no other choice. If I had looked straight ahead the elderly gentleman choking down some Hoinam Chicken might have become self-conscious, off to the side and the three Chinese American young ladies would have likely wondered whether I was a typical white male creepazoid, and completely to the left the young couple should have been weirded out.

I actually spent a fair amount of time fondly observing my nice warm plate of curry seafood fried rice.


My, how delicious it looks! So sad, very very sad, that it is rapidly vanishing before my eyes. Mmm, perhaps a little more sambal oelek.
Maybe I should have eaten breakfast and lunch sooner. I didn't have bupkes to eat all day! I sure hope that this does not excite my gout.
But what the hey, sometimes you gotta live risky.

That old man really shouldn't shove more rice in his mouth when he has a coughing fit, it will only make things worse. Are those girls eating stuff covered with steaming cheese sauce? Perhaps he's doing a tango with the bun, but it could just be a personal interpretation of Latin dance.

Mmm, girls covered with cheese sauce! Pervert!

Gaa lei hoi sin lap chaau faan. It really is the breakfast of champions. Especially if you spent most of the day wallowing about and didn't get down to Chinatown till tea time. Shrimp, little scallops, red and green lantern peppers chopped small, minced onion ... fragrant and golden.
Dollops of sambal, and a dusting of pepper powder.
As well as a hot cup of milk-tea.

Today I must get out of the house earlier.

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