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Monday, March 20, 2017


When I came home my apartment mate was on the phone with her boyfriend. They were talking about the hardness of pillows, and she was giving him firm advice. Sometimes he's dense, and totally blinkered in his single-focus. It goes along with Asperger Syndrome.
He has Aspergers. She also has Aspergers.
And, to a far lesser extent, me too.
But otherwise I am normal.

"The pet rabbit is on fire! Don't go checking on the dog and the parrot to see if they're on fire too, they probably started it in the first place, go put the blasted rabbit out!"

You know, I'm buggered if I can figure out what that analogy means. Is the rabbit a pillow? Or is she accusing pets of being little murderous pests?

She also brought up Agamemnon and and his brother Menelaus. How that ties into the hardness of pillows is a complete riddle to me. Conundrumic.

Maybe most women talk this way, and I've forgotten that. Maybe I need to start paying more attention to that gender, and the answers to many of life's great riddles will become apparent. Maybe I need to find a female person half my age who majored in geology or physics to interpret.
Or at least be a fair witness.

Maybe I've got a dirty mind and am only capable of understanding stuff that clearly refers to nudity and congress, and am utterly incapable of grasping normal English. In all honesty, that wouldn't be surprising.

Some functionality may not be available.

But otherwise I am normal.

There's a rabbit?

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