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Friday, March 17, 2017


An unnamed Russian zoo and and advertising agency are at loggerheads over a raccoon and a brassiere. The raccoon is traumatized, and feels so used. The brassiere just has an abiding emptiness.

The petting zoo sometimes rents animals to filmmakers. Spokesman Viktor Kiryukhin told the BBC the raccoon - Thomas - returned from the studio traumatised. "We noticed he was attracted to women's breasts." Video firm Art-Msk called the zoo's lawsuit "absurd". They also said the raccoon stole a model's bra on set.
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Mr Bogatov has threatened to counter-sue the zoo, and to claim compensation for the damaged bra.


There are times when one envies raccoons. One imagines that he felt the fabric of the garment in question, how it was still warm, fragrant, and soft, so soft. He wanted it! It was just lying there, and he saw his chance!
He took it and scampered off!

Oh happy creature!

But alas, he was soon robbed of his prize, and returned to a place where there were no bras. Nor the things that fill them.
Sadness, despair, trauma.

This blogger, as a matter of justice, feels that every petting zoo should have at least one pair of breasts.

I am a raccoon.

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