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Thursday, March 02, 2017


My home smells delicious right now. It's seriously driving me up the wall.
My apartment mate is cooking something to take over to her boyfriend's place, the lucky stiff.

She doesn't eat my food, I don't eat hers. We do not cook for each other. She cooks for her boyfriend, I haven't cooked for anyone in quite a while.
I'd cook for a woman, if I knew one.

When she's in the kitchen I had best stay out. So this evening I shall head around the corner for a burrito, because the one thing this neighborhood lacks is a decent Cantonese restaurant. When it is impossible to get good Cantonese home-style cooking, Mexican food for beer swilling white boys and neurotic twenty-somethings will have to suffice.

They actually do very good carnitas.

Dinner will be excellent.


But I was actually looking forward to baau yiu jap yau choi chau yiuk si (鮑魚汁油菜炒肉絲). It would be so happy!

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