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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Apartment mate watching ballet on youtube. In an attempt to identify a scrap of music going through her head. Which turns out to be from Swan Lake. Which, being a snarky Chinese American, she chose to think of as 'Swine Lake'. Dancing pigs, now there's a fabulous concept.
Ballerinas by day, brutal assassins by night.
Because pigs should be bold.
And adventurous!

This from a woman what loves bacon.
And charsiu. And siu yiuk.
And sausages.


Being the white guy in this apartment, as well as a caveman and cultural illiterate, I naturally gravitate towards angry ladies dancing with machine guns when I think of ballet: The Red Detachment of Women.
Forward, sisters, against the patriarchy!

Anything to make people poncing about on stage bearable.

On the banks of the Manchuen river (萬泉河).

Deadly women, hippity hop.

The emotional scenes were horrifically sappy, it was dreary twaddle, and the entire production stank. Way too high-brow in any case.

Edward Gorey's 'La Chauve-Souris Dorée'!
Now there's a fabulous show!
So meaningful.

I am not a ballet lover.

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