Monday, June 20, 2022


Years from now people will be looking back on this era remembering the avocado toast and green tea everything and wondering "what was that all about?" I'm ahead of the curve, as I'm already wondering that. Don't get me wrong, avocado toast is splendid. As is marmalade toast, shrimp toast, and tomato, caper, and smoked salmon toast. Green tea everything is trend that I can easily not have in my life. Tried the matcha thing a few times, and meh.

I'll chalk both of these up to stupid white people doing what they do best; being stupid.

Even the Cantonese sometimes are stupid white people.

That explains the matcha Swiss roll.


Well, the mo-chaa seui-si-kuen daan-gou was tasty enough, but in all honesty using bitter green tea powder as a flavour paired with enough sugar to make it okay doesn't do squat for me. I'll happily snarf down two thick slices of coffee Swiss roll (咖啡瑞士卷 'gaa fei seui si kuen') or lemon Swiss roll (檸檬瑞士卷 'ning mung seui si kuen'). Especially the cream.
The green tea flavoured one was very nice, thank you, but I'm good. Really.

Besides, it looks like green algae. Pond scum.
I have it on good authority that there are such things as matcha and cream cocktails. That being an "Irish Moss" vodkatini or something. Theoretically great over ice cubes.
You know something? Y'all weird.

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