Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Since getting medical insurance a few years ago, I have gotten several vaccines, including the old geezer pneumonia vaccine, shingles shot, hep shot, lockjaw shots, and obviously the double dose of Covid vax and boosters. I had of course read up on there. Natural immunity is fine and good, but a side effect of not getting shots seems to be a deadly disease that may kill you. Or cause severely debilitating long-term ill effects.
And please note that I caught measles twice.
Natural immunity doesn't always work.
Being dead is permanent.

What I find truly extraordinary is that most people doing their own independent "research" seem to come up with all the wrong answers. This isn't just stupidity coming into play, a very large part of it is ignorance and delusion. These people are wilfully dumb, and not soundly connected with reality. Same goes for the folks who are vested in alternative medicine.
One could indeed argue that they are all in the culturally backwards parts of the world, places like Texas and Mississippi for instance, but that would be ignoring the huge number of chiropractors and their patients in California, or the diet-quacks on youtube.

There is a cult of dumbassity in modern society that knows no bounds, because all normal scepticism, logic, or even basic biology and chemistry, don't count for these people. They've dropped religion and a belief in a deity, but the same psychological dynamics made them adhere to newer superstitions.

The all meat diet, yoni eggs, and obsessing about alkalinity in what you ingest, or rubbing essential oils on your chakras, are all sacramental variations on horse puckey.
Many people need to grow up.
Or be slapped a lot.

On the other hand, I am overjoyed that so many of them are massively taking ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine; America needs intestinal parasite-free corpses. Texas and Mississippi must be made safe for the space aliens circling the earth with the pickled Elvis head.

Go for it, girls.

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