Tuesday, June 07, 2022


Cut my hair, and paid the utility, internet, telephone, and medical insurance bills ahead and forward. Which means I can be an irresponsible idiot for the next two months. Not that I was actually planning to do that (the idiot part), seeing as I'm a stern puritanical sort, but it's a talent. The only things I absolutely must still do are head to the bank (tomorrow, as it's too late today), and purchase both fresh ginger and two or three bottles of Sriracha. That last is essential. Huy Fong has let it be known that there may (will) be a shortage. And seeing as Sriracha makes life in the United States tolerable, you don't want me openly revolting.
That, too, is a talent.

Some of my favourites places to eat may have to make do with the Sriracha made overseas, like the version produced in Toishan, and I expect sambal oelek may be in short supply also.

We must endure. Tolerate. Restrain ourselves. Suffer. Forbear.
For me this will be considerably easier than others.

Partly because there's a wide spectrum of chili peppers and hot condiments which are up to my standards, and partly because I do not intend to run out. Under any circumstances.
The character above (忍 'yan') is appropriate for the rest of you all. It's something that shows up calligraphically in every Hong Kong gangster movie or martial arts flick. Endure. Tolerate. Restrain. Suffer. Forbear. Steel yourself, and keep a stiff upper lip.

You all have my kindly support. My piles bleed for you. That's a colourful British expression expressing "mild" sympathy, and should not be taken literally.

In the meantime, I'm heading out to lunch.
And grocery shopping.

Buck up, you all.
Be strong.

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