Wednesday, June 01, 2022


Per news reports the Bay Area is experiencing an avalanche of Covid infections that shows no end in sight. And though hospitalizations are rising, it's not as bad as this time last year, despite the number of cases of Covid being well over five times larger. Are people masking up again? No. Though the majority of Chinese Americans in the North Eastern part of the city are doing so, everywhere you look it's stupid white people doing stupid white people stuff.

Given that I thoroughly despise the anti-vaxxers I know and wish them ill, this does not displease me. I can stand to know fewer people.

So being the only white person in the restaurant was icing on the cake.
Lunch tasted all the better for that.

The only times I needed English or Dutch (certifiably white people languages) for several hours was when I was inaudibly cursing white people not wearing masks. Cantonese was employed at the restaurant, on the street afterwards, at a shop where I browsed, at Walgreens, and at a bakery where I went for a pastry and a cup of tea later.
Where I was again the only Caucasian on the premises.

Because I'm working the next few days, in a very white environment, I shall be surrounded by white people. And it's in Marin, where there are a large number of mask-free anti-vaxxers and people into spiritual healing, auras, and other white folks shiznit.

According to some spiritual white people, tobacco is powerful healing stuff in the right hands, being native American natural medicine, both purifying and unifying. So the fact that a vulgar person such as myself enjoys it, especially after non-spiritual things like lunch, is upsetting. Disrespectual and insulting, even. There should be a law!
There's probably something evil about my aura.
And I smell bad.

Smoked two pipes in Chinatown today. The one shown above was after tea-time. Glad to see that the woman at the bakery is a person who used to work at the other place with the same owner before the pandemic. Altogether there were over half a dozen folks there whom I recognized. It's a profoundly UNspiritual place.
No Caucasians.

I'm not looking forward to work.

Too many spiritual people.

NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: This post should NOT be construed as negative in any way against white people. Just purely factual. I have included this disclaimer so that Jonathan in the Shomron doesn't get his panties in a bunch over a perceived anti-Caucasian American slant. And I hasten to add that it's only because so many of the f*(kers are letting the side down or showing their a55 in public that that's even a question. Some of my best friends are white. White people are cool, white people are precious, without white people we wouldn't have McDonalds, Boo King, or probably even Starbucks! I sheerly love white people, bless their hearts!

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