Friday, June 10, 2022


An acquaintance recently described how happy and healthy he has been since switching to an all meat diet. Previously he could eat junkfood all day long and not feel full. Now he's hardly ever hungry. It's miraculous. Miraculous!

Personally, I am glad we seldom associate and that I am not his plumber.

Also, when he started saying that he never eats fish from the Pacific because "they do things to it", I mentioned that I myself really miss herring. Because I do.
I am Dutch. Herring is king.

I explained that the Dutch royal motto (je maintiendrai) means "I want my herring!".
And that our anthem is about the place herring has in civilized life.

What else would you expect me to do? I think he's out of his goofy mind, and I don't want to hear about his bowels taught with meat, good gracious shut up man. Far better to seize control of the "conversation" and confuse the crap out him with my own craziness.

He is typical for his class and kind.
Meaning that he's an idiot.
He's a Marinite.
Fish is brainfood.

Little to feed in his case.

One negative effect of a carnivorous diet that immediately springs to mind is the smell. Has your dog ever breathed at you? Precisely? In his case, what would have been Alpo breath is probably made worse by his rancid cigars. It's a good thing we kept a safe distance.

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