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In a discussion with a medical man across the country, a peculiar construct came to mind: 硬硬頸固執氣 ('ngaang ngaang geng gu jap hei'). Which describes a Dutch reality. Stubborn as all git out. Recalcitrant stiff necked obstinacy, and hard-headed beyond belief. Sometimes this is a good characteristic. Sometimes not. In this case probably the latter, as we were talking about tobacco use, which is fairly well established as not being beneficial to the person despite being a boon to society as well as the digestive processes.
Pipe smoking particularly.

Many years ago I was having a nice smoke on the way to work, walking on Battery Street.
A woman who saw me coming scowled, and when she was abreast of me screamed "thank you SO much for ruining my lungs!" Next to three lanes of slow moving high lead exhaust fumes in an area where every sewer grating reeks phenomenally, and there are potentially unstable lunatics in every doorway who haven't had their morning coffee yet.

Undoubtedly her outburst was good for her.
Manifestly a benefit to society.

Everybody happy?
On a daily basis I provide that blessing. Neither rain nor shine etcetera.

Which is as good a reason as any for people to have that cup of coffee before they leave their house or the cozy streetside doorway where they dossed down for the night. Society is immensely improved if they do so. Coffee is also useful for the digestive processes, as well as washing down the blood pressure medication (Metoprolol Succ Er, Losartan HCTZ, Amlodipine Besylate, et autres) which they take every morning.

Heck, if it weren't for caffeine, nicotine, and highly refined sugar, the milk of human kindness in me would have curdled long ago, instead of generously radiating outward in thick creamy waves of righteousness and benevolence.

I will gladly encourage you to have bad habits.
Perhaps you might like a cigarillo?
Or some pipe tobacco.
It's good.

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