Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Firstly, let's agree that it is too hot. We expect this for a few days in September, not in June. It was well over ninety degrees in this quadrant of the city today, it's still over eighty outside.
I'm sitting here wearing boxer shorts. Unlike on normal Tuesday evenings I didn't smoke the pipe for watching rats in Spofford Alley while waiting for my old colleague, because I did not wear my jacket and had no extra pockets. It would have been insane to have a jacket.

As usual, I am quite illogically blaming the Republican Party for this.

Earlier in the day it had taken fifteen minutes for three blocks.

Had to stop, grumble, glower every few yards.

My right calf is still burning.

Everything between hip and big toe feels like crap.

And no, the left leg is not much better.

Damn those Republicans!
As I said, the pipe for watching rats in Spofford Alley was not smoked. Too hot.

Still, got to hear three splendid militaristic mainland propaganda songs at Jenny's place, because the only one there was a Toishanese fellow who loves that stuff. And it probably prepares the masses for tromping through the snow and the malarial swamps while fighting the Japanese, nationalists, American paper tigers, and running dogs of imperialism and resurgent capitalist landlord class.

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will resist the Eighth Route Army.
Victory, comrades, forward into the wastelands! Tanks!
While little children wave bouquets.

What kind of person ends up being a propaganda singer wearing fancy army uniforms? And why? There is reason to believe that such people are infertile and asexual entirely, as hormones might interfere with the ideological struggle.

He left, and Jenny promptly changed the music to a nice nineteen thirties number by an aged star from the seventies. Much better. Have something to eat and drink, for after this who knows what will occur, and when you might return?
It's a classic, very well known.

A whole bunch of white people came in after that, so we stumbled out into the darkness, and walked the longest four and a half blocks ever. Seriously, I will have to get the ball rolling on the peripheral angioplasty of the lower extremities soon. Might improve things.

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