Wednesday, June 01, 2022


My apartment mate, like Cartman, likes cheesy poofs. So do I. However, not all cheesy poofs are equal. She has resolved to henceforth stay the heck away from anything claiming to be truffle flavoured. With which I can sympathise.
I shall not mention the brand, but:

Tastes of fromage, salt, and swimming pool with many mildewed swimming trunks in it. Reminds me of grammar school.

I would like to sneer that this is purely white folks crap. But there are also truffle-flavoured cheesies marketed for the Hong Kong crowd. So even the non yuppie white folks are enamoured of it. Hong Kong office workers probably snarf it by the bucketful.

She refuses to finish the bag.
So I will do so.

Other than the chemical mildewed bathing togs taste, it's rather addictive.
Salty crunchy, but not toothbreakingly so.

If you leave your trunks in your swimming bag for a week, they'll taste like this.

This evening was the weekly jaunt to North Beach and Chinatown for karaoke with the bookseller. Which teaches us that many people cannot sing and shouldn't even try.
Frank Sinatra is turning over in his grave.
Two things observed: A very large man with a very small girlfriend. No, I shan't say a damned thing about that. And I'm trying to get certain imagined scenes out of my mind, desperately, because I have a clean head here and I want to keep it that way. The other thing was a table full of dour looking English people, who because they were in a bar -- a natural environment for their kind -- may have been having a good time, despite not talking much with each other and not being able to smile or look reasonably cheerful. Maybe American food was affecting them badly. Too much flavour. And digestible. Must be quite a shock to the system if you're unprepared. Tomorrow they can look for a place that does baked beans out of a can. There must be one such place in San Francisco for people who want a change of pace.
Or are desperate to get away from food.

There's probably an Irish pub with grub somewhere.
Maybe they would have liked some karaoke.
It brings back indigestion.

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